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Who We Are

Our Dance Studio is truly one of a kind. From our unique atmosphere to our passion for dance and teaching, everything was carefully thought out in order to give our dancers the best possible experience.

With over 30+ combined years of training, performing, and teaching dance, we are excited to have POWERHOUSE Talent in our hometown of Griffin, GA. Our mission is to teach an appreciation for the art of dance by focusing on traditional technique and developing performance skills that translate across all genres. We offer all levels of BALLET, TAP, JAZZ, HIP-HOP, MUSICAL THEATRE, ACRO, AUXILIARY/MAJORETTE, POINTE, MODERN, BATON TWIRLING & TUMBLING for girls and boys ages 3-18. 


All recreational level classes meet once weekly and have opportunities to perform throughout the year at parades, local community events, our annual Winter Show, and Spring Recital. The staff at PHT is dedicated to helping our students grow and achieve their individual goals. Each class level has been carefully crafted to meet dancers’ needs. Beginner levels focus on coordination skills, listening skills, balance, musical interpretation, creative movement and motor development. As dancers grow, they are encouraged to explore their own interpretations of rhythm through improvisation, freestyling, acting, and use of emotion. All dancers will gain discipline, flexibility, grace, stamina, and physical and emotional strength. REGISTER TODAY!

Our competitive teams practice at least 3 hours per week and compete at Regional and National levels. Competition dancers must attend mandatory workshops, master classes, and cultural outings to nurture their love for performing arts. At POWERHOUSE, our mission is to EMPOWER OUR TALENTED DANCERS to:

*Be Champion Athletes*

*Be Leaders*

*Develop Bold Talent as Performers*

*Use Their Gifts to Improve Their Community*


Explore our site for more information, and feel free to reach out with questions. Email us at or call Ms. Erica @ 404-567-1129 or Ms. Janai @ 718-536-9277.

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